Rules Of Pollyanna Gift Exchange

As the Pollyanna Party season approaches in 2024, many who have never played will ask themselves: What are the rules for Pollyanna Gift Exchange? How many people can play? What happens when gifts are exchanged and what do I need to know?

Those that are invited to the party will usually recive the set of rules from the organizers, but what if you're the one organizing the get-together? What if there were no rules included in the invitation? What if you want to find out what all the alternative methods of playing this popular game are?

Feat not! We are about to explore the rules of Pollyana Gift Exchange. If there was only one rule to emphasize, it would be fair to say that the most important thing to do is to make sure everyone has fun! Pollyanna is all about happy, positive experience for Christmas and we should all try to be the contributing force.

Without firthe adiue, here are the rules in order:

Gift Per Guest

Each guest needs to be instructed to buy or find a present suitable for the party. Only one gift is sufficient. Everyone must bring one and the gift must be wrapped in order to not allow anyone ability to guess the contents. It is encouraged to to do a good job on the wrapping even if the gifts are silly. Part of the fun is trying to guess which package has a better gift.

Budget & Theme

When purchasing a gift, guests must adhere to the budget that is set out by the party rules as well as the theme. If for example the theme is "alcohol" and the budget is $20, everyone must try to buy a bottle of some alcoholic beverage that costs around 20 dollars. Most of the time there will not be a theme or budget set. In those cases, it is recommended to purchase a funny gift that will bring smiles to the everyone's faces that costs about $20.

Opening Order

Order in which the guests will be allowed to opend and swap gifts must be determined. This is often accomplished by volunteering, or drawing a number from the pile of folder or crumpled papers that have random numbers written on them. It's important to make the process of player order determination fair and avoid any misunderstandings.

Opend Or Swap

After the order has been determined, the guests must start opening and swapping gift in the assigned order. First guest opens a gift. Second guest has a choice to take it from the first guest or open another unopened one and so on, until all gifts are opened. It is common to allow aditional swaps after all pressents have been unwrapped and is up to the party organizers to set the limits.

No Swapbacks

If someone swapped you a gift, you can not immediately swap them back. You can swap from anyone else or open another unopened gift, but swapping the same item from someone that just took it from you is not allowed.

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