Pollyanna Gift Exchange

Welcome to the Official Pollyanna Gift Exchange portal. If you are reading this, it means that you either are planning to organize a Pollyanna Party or have been invited to attend one. Both are exciting news and we are happy to help you find all the related information and resources in order to guide you in the right direction of having a blast this Christmas season. If you have never been in a Pollyanna Gift Exchange, you are in for a big treat in 2024!

Pollyanna Christmas

Christmas is a time of happyness, wormth, kindness and an opportunity to extend a loving and helping hand towards eachother. It the time of the year when we think of our friends and family, get creative and considerate and find the gifts for eachother that delight and impress us. It's also the time of year when we laugh and enjoy eachother's company. Humor has always been a bonding mechanism for us and so it's natural to see festivities saturated with jokes and funny tales that contribute to some of the happies memories of our lives. Pollyanna Christmas is a great tradition that brings all of the above as a part of a Christmas party and allows us to be not only creative and thoughtul but also funny and teasing. Pollyanna Christmas game had formed to be a fun winter activity many families and workplaces engage in, because it offers so much more than just an evening party. In it's simplest form, Pollyanna rules are quite streight forward and serve a purpose to allow groups of people have fun exchanging funny and interesting gifts amongst each-other.

The Rules of Pollyanna Game

The main idea behind the Pollyanna rules is to ensure each guest brings a present and is able to exchange it with someone else in the party. There are many variations to the rules, but the gist of it is that you want to have the gift wrapped as to not allow anyone guessing what it is. The gift must be of comparable value of other presents at the party and everyone must follow the "open or swap" sequence until all the gifts are opened. To get a better sense of all the rules, please visit the rules section.

Pollyanna Gift Ideas

In order to participate in a Pollyanna, you will need to bring a gift with you. Not just any gift, but something that will be either funny, fun or unusual. There are a few types of gifts that you might consider, including good gifts that are most wanted by all player and will be swapped quite excessively, funny Pollyanna gifts that will make the crowd laugh, GAG and inappropriate gifts that may make some blush and even frugal or DIy Pollyanna presents that you can put together if you have the skills and time to do so. Join us as we discuss various gifts on the Pollyanna gifts page and see the big list of presents that we have put together.

Encouraging Others

The big secret of the christmas party is to invite more people, because the more is trully merrier in this case. There will be more jokes, more laughs, more presents to pick from and better time had, so if you can do so, make sure to invite as many people to your Pollyanna party as possible. This is also a good opportunity todo potlucks and fill the table with various treats and drinks for the Christmas party before the gift exchange begins.

If you have any stories to share about your experiences of Pollyanna, feel free to share with us!